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about natasha


I have always been intuitive throughout my whole life. I have had many different experiences that have happening to me. It wasn't until 5 years ago that I decided to tap into my gift. Through various courses, training, and education, I have fully tapped into my intuition and the power of my third eye.

I have created such a strong relationship with my spiritual crew that enables me to provide intuitive readings for others to help guide and assist them through intuitive tarot and angel readings and mediumship readings. When using the Tarot and Angel Cards, I simply use them as a tool to put all of the information that I receive together. It is through my spiritual crew, intuition, and connection with Spirit that I am able to connect to your energy, sub-conscious, past loved ones, and reveal to you things about you that nobody else would know. My clients have told me that majority of my predictions do come to pass.

In addition to readings, I provide on-site home and business smudging ritual blessings where I bring my tools and spiritual crew to cleanse a space and rid it of negativity replacing it with positivity and white light.

My Manifestation and Mindset advisor programs provide you with assistance in changing your mindset and manifesting the life of your dreams. Many clients have seen instant results.

With my services and gift I have been able to guide, assist, and help heal my clients.

Most recently, I have launched an apparel line designed and created to increase self-confidence. 

As a thank you, every Wednesday at 9:30pm, I go LIVE on Instagram @lovefinity and provide a weekly group live reading.


To see my testimonials, please click here.

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