I get asked a lot "Natasha which is better? Palo Santo or Sage". Now both are great for smudging, however, they both have different purposes.

What is Smudging?

Smudging is the use of a scared plant medicine to bring or clear energy into a space using the combined elemental energies of fire (flame), earth (plant), and air (smoke). Smudging deposits the energy of the plant into the space helping to remove old, negative energy. Smudging is an amazing way to cleanse your home, work, now more than ever. With COVID-19, many are working from home and are looking for a way to clear the work energy from the home energy as well as clearing out the stagnant energy from staying inside all day long. Even if you do not believe in spirits or energy, smudging is a great wellness exercise during this pandemic and after.

There are many smudging sticks, however, people usually turn to Palo Santo or Sage. But, what people do not know is there is a difference between the two and each stick does different things and should be used for different reasons.

Palo Santo: known as 'Holy Wood' is from trees that have naturally fallen in the rainforest and lie dead for four to ten years before harvesting. This sacred plant medicine offers a grounded and clear energy while also strengthening creativity and bringing good fortune. Palo Santo removes bad energy but ushers in positive energy. It is also a natural remedy for colds and flu, as well as symptoms of stress. It is known to relieve asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation(when used as an essential oil). I personally use Palo Santo on a daily basis whether it is to smudge myself, my cards, my space before and after a reading, the busiest room in the home, after a visitor leaves, for some examples. If you own a business such as a hair salon or any type of business where customers are coming in and out you should be smudging before you open for the day and in between clients, and after you close for the day. Smudging removes all of the energy from the clients that come in. Remember: Energy from people gets stuck in a space. If you don't like someone's energy it will stick in your space if you do not remove it. If their energy is heavy your space will be heavy, you will be heavy after. SMUDGE, SMUDGE, SMUDGE!

Sage comes from the Latin word 'Salvia' which translates as 'to heal'. When smudging with sage, you can bring forth wisdom and clarity as it increases your spiritual awareness. Sage carries more of the masculine aspect. White sage is used for cleansing, purifying, and warding off evil spirits and negative energies. Sage is VERY powerful in the sense that it will remove both good and bad energy. That is why it is always best to follow up with Palo Santo after smudging with Sage. Sage basically moves all of the energy out of your space. It is very powerful in this sense. Sage should be used when there is an argument, heavy negative energy, moving in to a new home, moving in to a new business, if a business is suffering, major life changes, after a death in the home..etc.. Sage can also help improve your intuition and open your third eye. Sage should be used once a month in the home, but always remember to follow up with Palo Santo right after so you can bring back the positive energy.

How Do I Smudge?

When you are smudging please make sure you open up windows and doors so you can let all of the bad energy out. If you keep them closed then the bad energy has nowhere to go and your smudging ritual is ruined. Hold your smudge stick at a 45 degree angle, light it up with a lighter and let the flame sit there for a while so it gets big. The bigger the flame the more smoke you will get. Once you feel like your flame is big enough blow it out, walk around your home counter clockwise saying your prayers and asking for your intention to be set. For example: You may want to pray to Archangel Michael to ask him to remove all negative energy and only bring positivity and light. Make sure you walk around every area of the home and smudge every area including closets and storage areas. Your smudge stick may burn out several times during the process, so walk around with your lighter in hand so you can continue to light the smudge stick. After you are done thank spirit, the universe, your angels, archangels, God, and your saints(whichever you prefer) for removing all of the bad energy, protecting your space, and only bringing in positivity and white light. Remember: Your intention may be different depending on the reason for the smudging so always include your intention in your smudging prayer and in your thanking prayer as well.

If you have not tried smudging, you should start. You will see how many benefits come from smudging. If you already do smudge make sure it becomes a habit. The more you smudge, the more you protect the energy of your space.

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